Gunner came to us from a therapy center in Lincoln last June. He is 19 years old, a pocket pet and is currently being treated for COPD. He is a gaited Pinto horse so we think he is part Tennessee Walker and 100% sweetheart.


Daisy came to us from some friends that wanted to thin their herd. She is 11 and learning how to wear a saddle and have a rider. Our littlest visitors really love her.


Drummer came to us last Summer. He is one of Gypsy’s babies that we sold years ago and got back. Also a gentle sweetheart.


Marco is our barn manager. He makes sure our excess mice and other varmits are kept under control.


This is Gypsy.  She is the mother of Kyle and Drummer.  Gypsy is 29 years old and one of the first horses born at Urban Acres


Buddy is 11. We got him from a farm near Norfolk when he was 2. He is trained to ride and is very popular with all the little ones that come to visit. His favorite treat is carrots


Kyle is an 8 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is a big pest and wants all the attention Her mother is Gypsy and this is her last foal.


We have a dozen or so free range chickens here at Urban Acres.

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